Top 5 ways to curb burglaries

Top 5 ways to curb burglaries

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Top 5 ways to curb burglaries


To help prevent your home or business from being burgled we’ve compiled some simple tips and tricks to deter intruders from the outset.

  1. Lock all doors, windows, shed and garages before you go out. Make it as difficult as possible for burglars to gain entry into your home without attracting the attention of others.

  • Check the durability of locks and window latches

  • Install deadbolt locks on doors

  1. Lock any outdoor belongings such as tools and ladders in a shed and hide or discard any packaging that may advertise your personal belongings to intruders.

  2. Keep in touch with your neighbours. Another set of eyes on your property is always a bonus.

  • If you’re going away let them know and get them to clear your letterbox daily

  • Leave a spare key with your neighbours rather than outside your property

  1. Get landscaping – make it as difficult as possible for an intruder to keep their presence unnoticed

  • Ensure your house is well lit with doors and windows easily viewable to neighbouring properties and the street

  • Remove any obstacles or barriers that may hide an intruders presence

  • Surround access areas with loose gravel or implement obstacles that make it difficult for intruders to navigate your property unnoticed

  1. Call the experts – contact us today for a free security review of your property

Burglaries in your neighbourhood

Herald Insights have recently released an interactive map which gives you an insight into reported burglaries at a street level in New Zealand. With an average of 164 burglaries going unsolved each day in New Zealand, this information provides valuable information for homeowners assessing risk in their own suburb.

Check out the burglary map here 

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